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Gregory James

I love Fetcher. A simple, clean and VERY ACCURATE tool. I’ve done some side-by-side testing and it’s more accurate than HelloProfit and CashCowPro with some of the equivalent features. I like how far back the data goes back! The mouse-overs and drop-downs are extremely well done so that there is always a clear indication of where the numbers came from.

-Stuff Kids Love


Check out your beautiful, personalized dashboard for a daily snapshot of overall sales, expenses, and profitability


Dive deeper into your Cost of Goods Sold analysis with product specific summaries that breakout and track Pay Per Click spending, Amazon fees, shipping costs and more.

Review your professional Profit & Loss Statement to analyze the health of your business and help with taxes

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Switch back and forth between your accounts and see your profits


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Carlos Rivera

I have never felt so confident about the margins of my Amazon business since teaming up with Fetcher!
Now I know exactly how much money I am making.
Thank you for saving me from the headache of trying to calculate my profits with Seller Central.


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